Welcome to the MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM /EXAMS RESOURCE CENTER (MIS/ERC). Our dedicated team of professionals, staff is committed and enthusiastic to use their knowledge, skill and energy to construct and enrich the quality of ICT services and ensuring academic success at the college.

In collaboration with the Departments and Schools, we have developed and implemented a number of innovative information and communication technology.  MIS/ERC runs 24 hours non-stop computer and network services to support the ICT needs of the College.

MIS/ERC has also developed a web-based information system accessible via our website, to provide our Staff and students with comprehensive management information. The web-based system records, finance while students can register courses, view examination results, and to change personnel particulars. This system ensures up-to-date information which helps both our staffs and students in the daily teaching and hearing environment.


MIS/ERC is the Management Information System/Exams Resource Centre of the College. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of information and communication technology, system infrastructure such as emails for staff and students, student records, research and development. MIS/ERC is also involved in e-Teaching and e-Leaning with interfaces to the college library and learning management system.

The mission of MIS/ERC is to set into action a chain of events through which the college would be transformed into an IT-driven System and society with the MIS/ERC at its hub and thereby facilitate the development of IT-based relationships and collaboration among staff, students, administrators and other stakeholders in the society. Through this mission we will strive to provide functional, adequate, state of the art facilities for Internet connectivity, virtual leaning, computer laboratories and provision of IT related services for staff, students of the Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku.


The FCE, (T) network is an inter-network of Local Area Networks (LANs) located in various buildings on the college campuses. These LANs sometimes referred to as subnets, are connected together with other departmental LANs to form the Federal College of Education (FCENP) which is connected to the worldwide internet via single gateway.

The FCE, (T) Network Resource (FCENR) are maintained by the Management Information System (MIS). These resources include the central college Web server (, Webmail (, e-leaning servers, database servers, IP based voice system, facilities for network management and monitoring.

Access to information technology is essential to the College mission of providing the students, departments, staff of the college with educational and research services of the highest quality. The pursuit and achievement of the FCE,(T) mission of education, research, public service require that the privilege of the use of computing system and software, internal and external data networks as well as access to the world wide web, be made available to all those of the college community. The preservation of that privilege by the full community requires that each school member, staff member, student, and other authorized user comply with institutional and external standards for appropriate use.

To assist and ensure such compliance, FCE, (T) Omoku establishes the following policy to ensure the proper use of FCENR and make the users of FCENR aware of what the College deems as acceptable and unacceptable use of its network resources. The College reserves the right to amend this policy at its discretion. In case of amendments, users will be informed appropriately.


The center for Management Information Systems/Exams Resource Centre (MIS/ERC) is responsible for;

  1. The development and maintenance of systems (Hardware and Software) across the College.
  2. Provision, supervision, control of IT, communications infrastructure, service for academic, non-academic and student usage.
  3. Sourcing for computer components and assembling of computer systems either directly or through private agents.
  4. Allocation, distribution of human and computer resources across the college.
  5. Maintenance of online systems that link the college users with the outside world (Intranet, extranet etc.)


  This unit is responsible for all examination in the college, for PRE-NCE, NCE, DEGREE 3 YEARS and DEGREE 4 YEARS respectively. The unit coordinates and regulates all CBT exams written in the College and as well provides support and services for all school and departments in the College and also keeping soft copy of all results of the College for both recent and out gone students.


Thank you for your interest in FCE (T), Omoku Management Information Systems.

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Administrative Block, Management Information System/Exams Resource Centre (MIS/ERC)

Federal College of Education (Technical) P.M.B.11, Omoku Rivers State Nigeria.

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